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Messaging: rocket fuel for brands

Thinkshift | October 24, 2016

Great messaging is rocket fuel for your brand. In crisp phrases, it tells people what’s distinctive, important, even revolutionary about your enterprise. It makes all your communications better and easier. You can feel it when messaging hits the mark: everything clicks, in person and in writing.

You can feel it when messaging misses the mark, too. You wince when sending people to your website. Or you find yourself revising the “about” slides in your sales deck every time you use it. But why messaging is broken and how to fix it are not always clear. Maybe you’ve outgrown it. Maybe it’s too complicated or too bland.

With that in mind, we created Messaging: Rocket Fuel for Brands. It’s a collection of a half-dozen of the best Thinkshift articles on the subject to help revolutionaries identify both problems and opportunities. Topics include:

  • When it’s time for fresh messaging
  • Why complex products and services need simple messaging
  • Messaging writ small: a great tagline tells a story
  • How to tell if messages sing the right tune

We hope these short articles give you a strategic framework that points the way to messaging that grabs attention and tells the right story.

Download the report.



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