Thinkshift builds value for impact brands   

Challenging business as usual? Don’t get stalled by status quo bias. Thinkshift fuels growth and advances mission goals with a proven suite of PR strategies—thought leadership, media relations, messaging and storytelling—that boost credibility and brand value.


Thinkshift’s ETHOS Framework and Impact PR Platform

Our ETHOS Strategy Framework puts thought leadership at the center of PR strategies that generate earned media coverage and feeds owned and social channels. We customize the framework based on a deep dive into your brand story, differentiators, market position, audiences, media landscape, big ideas and business goals.

This strategy is the core component of the Thinkshift Impact PR Platform, which adds story development, media outreach tools, and interview training and support to set up new clients for optimal results.

“Thinkshift’s strategic approach has elevated our visibility with target markets and helped create credibility in the sustainability space, in ways we couldn’t have done on our own—and which previous agencies couldn’t do.”

Steven Horowitz, Optimum Energy, director of business development


Thought Leadership

Thinkshift positions you as a trailblazer

Thought leadership is an essential strategy for impact enterprises. Done right, it challenges outmoded dogma, persuades key decision makers, engages partners and influencers, and inspires action.

We work with your leaders to develop compelling themes and ideas, write articles and speaking proposals, and earn recognition as expert media sources. Regardless of the forum, we ensure that your thought leadership reflects four key qualities: a fresh perspective, a clear point of view, usefulness and vision.

“The Thinkshift team communicates complex thoughts in tangible and compelling ways and brings impact stories to life. They also have an expert eye for trends and issues of the day.”

Deb Nelson, founder and executive director, Just Economy Institute


MEDIA Relations

We deliver media opportunities and help you make the most of them

Media relations can be a roller coaster. Thinkshift smooths the ride by pairing real thought leadership with sharp messaging to build credibility in the fractured media marketplace.

We create multiple story lines, frame your work in ways that grab attention, and seek opportunities for you to share your expertise. We also prepare your leaders to interview comfortably and confidently and hone your messaging to make sure key points come through with power and clarity. And we always tie media strategy to your business goals and target audiences.  

“The positive and brand-reinforcing relationships we’ve built with publications and reporters come from Thinkshift’s expertise and their own brand in the industry.”

Catherine Berman, CEO and co-founder, CNote


Messaging & brand story

Thinkshift’s five-step framework produces a powerful brand voice

Persuasive messaging is rocket fuel for your brand. In crisp phrases, it tells people what’s distinctive, important, even revolutionary about your enterprise. It speaks to the people you want to reach on emotional and practical levels. We weave it through everything we do for you to make your communications platform exponentially better.

Thinkshift’s path to crafting powerful brand or product messaging starts with surveying your landscape and runs through understanding the audience, creating and polishing the language, and rolling out the platform. We can scale up or down depending on your situation: Our startup plan is a fast, lean process that results in great-for-a-while messaging. Our fully loaded plan is a deep dive into your brand that produces built-to-last messaging.

“Corporate messaging exercises usually take way too long and consume all the participants in lengthy back-and-forths. When Thinkshift led the exercise, they came back with concise and spot-on messaging that got to the heart of who Powerit is and what we stand for.” 

Kevin Klustner, CEO, Powerit Solutions