Break through the noise: secrets of successful PR & thought leadership

Noise pattern

When it comes to PR and thought leadership, revolutionary organizations have an edge. They’re in the vanguard. They have intriguing ideas and new approaches. They operate in newsworthy arenas: sustainability, renewable energy, clean transportation, green technology and the like.

But being new and ahead of the curve doesn’t guarantee PR success. To bring results, PR and thought leadership programs require newsworthy content, relationship building, persistence and a plan, among other things.

PRandThoughtLeadership-cover-thumbWe created Break Through the Noise: Secrets of Successful PR & Thought Leadership to help revolutionary organizations get the attention they deserve. This collection of Thinkshift articles is a speedy but substantive read that covers:

  • Thought leadership as a B2B strategy
  • Assessing readiness for PR and thought leadership
  • How to tell if your story ideas are worth pursing
  • How to be provocative
  • Secrets of successful thought leaders

The common thread: with original thinking, a good sense of story and a strategic approach, organizations can achieve media coverage that expands their influence, raises their profile and builds brand value.

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