Storytelling with purpose: how stories build brand value

Speaking bubble saying "What's your story?"

Want to truly engage your key audiences and make a lasting impression? One surefire way is to tell a story.

Stories are the oldest form of “mass” communication, and some researchers think we’re hardwired to respond to them. We’re certainly trained to draw messages from them—think Aesop’s fables and classic novels—and that makes them invaluable. Compelling brand stories bring people into the heart of your business, and help you get attention from media, partners, customers and talented employees.

Report coverWe explore all the angles in our new report, Storytelling with Purpose: How Stories Build Brand Value. This collection of Thinkshift blog posts and articles runs the gamut, from assessing the value of brand stories to pinning down the elements that make a story powerful. The common thread: every company can and should tell a story that builds brand value. Get it here.