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When newsletter value goes beyond delivering the news

Carolyn McMaster | September 23, 2015

We recently looked at ways to measure a B2B newsletter’s brand value. But brand building is just one goal for a newsletter program. For many businesses, a newsletter’s value can go beyond that to include generating sales leads, warming up prospects and keeping customers engaged.

Adding a newsletter to your marketing toolkit is most likely to deliver value if your business faces one (or more!) of the following situations.

You have a long sales cycle.
A newsletter is still the ultimate keep-in-touch tool. It reminds people you exist, so you can be top of mind when they are in the market for your products or services. It lets you deliver useful content. And it lets you send different content to multiple audiences, segmented by market, their position in your sales cycle or other factors.

You want to build a following.
This goal is usually associated with social media, but newsletter subscribers tend to be more devoted followers. Subscribers are more likely to be actual sales leads and open to engaging with you. And because you can see who is reading your content and what they are interested in, you develop a better understanding of your audience and can adapt your marketing to fit their interests.

You have a complex product or service.
Newsletters excel at providing content that helps people understand your offering and gives them broader business insights. Providing this kind of information builds trust and positions you as a valuable advisor rather than as just another vendor, which helps keep customers with you and makes people more likely to buy from you.

Note that good content is at the core of a newsletter, no matter what your goals are. The best newsletters provide real value that shows off your intelligence and keeps recipients from hitting the unsubscribe button. Hit that mark, and you’ll have a marketing tool that is infinitely useful and adaptable.


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