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Want to build a strong brand? Get messaging right

Carolyn McMaster | September 7, 2016


Messaging—or verbal branding—is as essential to bringing your brand to life as your organization’s name, tagline, and graphic identity.

Yet many companies—especially the bootstrapped kind—don’t know they need it. They don’t see when their startup messaging is past its sell-by date, or they throw up their hands when a relatively fresh platform isn’t working.

Whatever the reason, the result is the same: The company can’t communicate effectively with the people who matter most to its success.

Developing a strong message platform—think of it as a house style guide for messaging—and then activating it across your organization, ensures that everyone can communicate clearly and consistently about your company’s value.

And that, in turn, vastly increases your chances of attracting the people you want to attract by helping you to…

  • Build a strong brand.
  • Stand out from competitors.
  • Connect with different audiences.
  • Support business development.
  • Explain complicated products or services.
  • Communicate efficiently as well as effectively.

If you’re now wondering whether you need messaging work, you probably do if you’re experiencing any of these symptoms:

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