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To Find Out What Your Audience Wants, Try Twitter—and Ask Questions

Carolyn McMaster | November 7, 2013

We’re all struggling against a tsunamic deluge of raw information, but we also have tools that can help us filter the content we receive so that only the stuff we want to know crosses our path.

That means it’s more important than ever to know your audience and speak to their concerns. If you don’t, you may fail to convey your value and undermine your business case. If you’re not relevant, people stop paying attention—this is true for all your communications in any channel.

You don’t need full-on market research to craft content that’s meaningful for your target markets. Twitter is contributing to the info tidal wave, but it can be useful in figuring out what kinds of content your audience seeks. Who do they follow? What conversations are they having with others in your space?

Naturally, actually talking with potential clients and customers is the most direct way to learn what they need—make it a practice to ask questions and listen to their answers.

Ask yourself these questions to guide your quest for relevant content:

  • What are your audience’s practical concerns? How can you help them do their jobs?
  • Do they want technical or process details? Or are they C-suite strategists?
  • What questions do you frequently get about your firm and work?
  • What’s new that affects their business, such as market trends or technological advances?

A few strategic tips:

  • What your audience wants to know isn’t necessarily what (you think) they need to know.
  • Don’t try speaking to everyone—you’ll wind up speaking to no one.
  • Information needs change depending on how well people know you and where they are in considering your product or service.

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