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Thought leadership puts RoseRyan in the limelight

Thinkshift | June 8, 2015


  • Website traffic increased 30 percent
  • Industry & media recognition
  • Brand voice attracted new clients & employees

RoseRyan is a finance and accounting services firm that supplies seasoned consultants (“gurus”) to fast-moving Silicon Valley companies. The vice president of business development came to Thinkshift with a challenge: maintain RoseRyan’s fun and distinctive brand personality while developing an expanded marketing program that spotlights the gurus’ serious expertise.

“Thinkshift took us from a branding position to one of thought leadership,” says Maureen Ryan, RoseRyan’s vice president of business development. “And the brand hasn’t been watered down or corrupted in the process—Thinkshift has done a wonderful job of keeping it alive. That’s a huge value, because we invested a lot in the brand.”


  • Our first step was to revamp the company’s website to give the gurus more presence, provide substantive services information and make it search friendly.
  • We created a messaging platform to help RoseRyan leaders articulate the company’s key competitive advantages.
  • We then developed a thought leadership program that highlighted the gurus’ finance and business insights, creating an ongoing series of highly readable, attention-grabbing “intelligence” reports and the Gurus Unaudited blog.
  • We built on thought leadership with a content marketing program that included a social media strategy, case studies and a tongue-in-cheek “What Kind of Finance Pro Are You?” quiz that landed the company in CFO Magazine.



  • The blog attracted clients and accounted for 30 percent of website traffic.
  • Website traffic overall got a huge spike from the quiz and resulting media coverage, and growth continued beyond the initial buzz.
  • A series of 19 reports earned praise from clients, prospects and partners; supported sales; and demonstrated expertise to potential partners.
  • Case studies showed prospective clients what it’s like to have a RoseRyan guru on their team.

Thinkshift has taken us to the next level of marketing, and they’re fun to work with.” —Maureen Ryan, vice president, RoseRyan

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