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Thinkshift Turns 5, Eschews a Wooden Anniversary

Sandra Stewart | February 28, 2013

Today is Thinkshift’s fifth anniversary! And we do indeed feel old enough for kindergarten. Rather than do something dangerous or wasteful with wood (the prescribed gift), we compiled this list of things from Thinkshift land that exist in fives (or multiples of five):

  1. Thinkshift hallmarks: sustainability, credibility, storytelling, business smarts, creativity
  2. Minutes x 9 that Sandra can keep her hoop up
  3. Minimum number of B Corps within five blocks of TS HQ (just off the top of our head…)
  4. Number of Thinkshift tattoos that fit on one average forearm
  5. Messaging projects completed last year
  6. Number of science fiction/fantasy writing conferences Olivia plans to attend this year
  7. Habits that guard against greenwashing: accuracy, specificity, relevant comparisons, third-party confirmation, walking the talk
  8. Number x 3 of customer stories told for clients last year
  9. Minutes x 2 it takes Carolyn to pitch a tent (if she hurries)
  10. Ingredients of successful messaging: memorability, authenticity, flexibility, simplicity, connection
  11. Number x 2 of bylined articles and reports written for clients last year
  12. Number of times Melissa has run the Marine Corps Marathon
  13. Number x 4 (at least!) of media placements the Thinkshift team initiated for PR clients in 2012
  14. Number of Strategy>Shift reports we plan to publish this year
  15. Favorite partners: Pounce PR, David Kerr Design, Metaphorial, Midnight Oil Design, 2M Creative



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