Take the Thinkshift® Credibility Quotient™ quiz and find out.

This quick self-assessment allows you to rate any communication based on eight core credibility factors.

Why these factors? Thinkshift’s cofounders developed the Credibility Quotient using accountability watchdogs’ criteria; research on ethical persuasion techniques, online communications, and marketing communications; and their experience as journalists and communications strategists.

Answer the following questions and you’ll earn points for each factor, weighted according to its importance (for example, accuracy earns more points than presentation). Our tool adds up the scores and averages them to give you a comprehensive Credibility Quotient rating.

Don’t just think your communications are credible—know they are.

1: Consistency with actions

The most fundamental test of credibility: Does your organization do what this communication says it does?

2: Support for claims

Does this communication provide support for claims? (Support might include data, especially data verified by trustworthy sources; verifiable testimonials; or third-party recognition.)

3: Accuracy

Are statements accurate and is data current?

4: Clarity

Are claims specific and detailed enough to be easily understandable?

5: Full information

Does the communication answer basic questions related to its subject and provide relevant details?

6: Market knowledge

Does the communication demonstrate or explain why the target audience would want the product, service or initiative?

7: Relevance to audience

Does the communication speak the target audience's language, sound authentic, and address audience concerns?

8: Presentation

Does the communication look credible (clean design, free of typos, makes information accessible)?