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Thinkshift Communications becomes a B Corp

Sandra Stewart | November 9, 2010

We are excited to announce that Thinkshift has become a Certified B CorporationTM.

“What’s that?” you might be asking.

A B Corporation is a new kind of company that works to have a positive social and environmental impact (“B” is for benefit). B Corps meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance. They also amend their governing documents to require consideration of all stakeholder interests—employees, suppliers, the community, consumers, and the environment—in company decision making. The long-term vision is for the B Corporation to become a legally recognized corporate form (like a C or an S corporation) in all 50 states.

The B Corp ethos lines up squarely with Thinkshift’s mission: to help sustainability-oriented businesses and nonprofits achieve their goals by communicating about their work in ways that motivate action. Ultimately, we aim to help create a more just, sustainable world by supporting enterprises dedicated to clean technology, resource-conserving products and services, management for social benefit, and environmental conservation.

We became a B Corp to join a community of businesses that share those values and hold one another accountable to them. By exchanging resources with fellow B Corps, learning from them, and promoting them, we hope to help change the way people think about business.

Find out more about B Corps.

See our B Corp profile.

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