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5 steps to a high-powered blog

Sandra Stewart | August 19, 2014

A blog is still one of the most flexible communications tools around, and it’s a core platform for content marketing, thought leadership and brand building. Done right, a blog can help both B2B and B2C businesses:

  • Increase website traffic
  • Broaden your market reach
  • Build your mailing list
  • Fuel social media campaigns
  • Educate customers and support sales staff

But absent a blog fairy to produce these results via magic wand (we so wish she existed), you’ll need a strategy and a plan to ensure effectiveness. Enter 5 Steps to a High-Performing Blog. Our latest Strategy>Shift guide maps the route to a blog that works, from generating good content and maximizing your assets to promotion and measurement.

Check it out for advice on:

  • Creating a business plan that defines goals and tactics and sets you up for success
  • Developing a process that makes a blog easier to maintain and ensures well-targeted content
  • Retooling existing material, supporting bloggers and running with timely ideas
  • Extending brand reach and building readership
  • Evaluating performance against business and marketing goals

Whether you’re just starting a blog, want to get better results from your current program or just wonder if there’s something you could do to pump up the volume, you’ll find ideas you can use in 5 Steps to a High-Performing Blog.



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