What we do and why it works

Thinkshift Communications builds brand value, fuels growth and helps clients deliver on their mission by uncovering what’s best in their brand; expressing it in a rich brand story and messages; and getting those messages in front of key audiences through creative PR and thought leadership programs.

Brand story & messaging

An inspiring brand story and persuasive messaging serve as touchstones for business decisions, position your company in the market sweet spot, boost your valuation and bring the right people to your team. Why it works:

  • Stories connect on an emotional level with customers, employees and partners.
  • Messages stick because they’re distinctive, simple and concrete.
  • The value you create is crystal clear.

A strong brand story and memorable, concrete messages also give revolutionary enterprises a stronger vantage point for encouraging adoption of new ideas, new models and new technology.

PR & thought leadership

Promoting your big-picture thinking, expertise and leadership builds your brand and puts your people in the limelight. Our experience on both sides of the PR-journalism divide—plus our geek-level understanding of sustainability and cleantech—pay off for you. Why it works:

  • Your stories and media pitches have maximum media appeal.
  • You deliver genuine insights and impress people.
  • You sound crazy smart.
  • People talk (in a good way).

How could people not want to engage with you?

Content strategy

Most businesses have no idea how much valuable knowledge they’re sitting on. We find your best content, give it maximum media appeal, and put it to work improving your market position, demonstrating your expertise and supporting sales. Why it works:

  • Content hits the bull’s-eye. Your knowledge reaches the right people—and they want to share.
  • Your content speaks to journalists and makes an impression.
  • You deliver real value and contribute to your field.

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