What we do and why it works

Thinkshift’s PR, thought leadership, messaging and brand story services build brand value and fuel growth for sustainable brands, cleantech companies, social enterprises and others. They will help you deliver on your mission by uncovering what’s best about your brand and expressing it for maximum business advantage.

PR & thought leadership

Thinkshift’s thought leadership–focused PR programs promote your big-picture thinking and expertise. You will build your brand; expand your influence; get in front of key audiences; and be more credible with partners, customers and the media.

Why it works:

  • Your stories have maximum media appeal.
  • You deliver genuine insights that impress the right people.
  • You sound crazy smart.
  • People talk (in a good way).

Brand story & messaging

An inspiring brand story and persuasive messaging position your brand where you want it, help you encourage the adoption of new ideas and technology, and bring the right people to your team.

Why it works:

  • You connect on an emotional level with customers, employees and partners.
  • The value you create is crystal clear.
  • People remember you because your messages resonate.
  • Employees and partners can tell your story consistently—and enthusiastically.

Communications strategy

We make sure your store of thought leadership content delivers the most value by putting your strongest themes to work throughout your communications using our ETHOS Impact PR Framework (Earned media, THought leadership, Owned and Social media) to guide communications strategy.

Why it works:

  • You have a road map for using communications to support business goals.
  • You have a foundation for growth and success.
  • It’s easier to adapt and overcome unexpected challenges.
  • Thought leadership and PR efforts deliver value to marketing as well as PR.


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