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Report makes case for action on Bay Area ecosystems

Thinkshift | June 9, 2015


  • Grabbed media attention
  • Stakeholders had a valuable tool
  • Planning, conservation concepts were accessible
  • Distilled a massive amount of data into a compelling story

The Bay Area Open Space Council and Greenbelt Alliance tapped Thinkshift for help in creating a report that could persuade policy makers at all levels—local, county, regional, federal—to act on essential strategies for preserving Bay Area ecosystems. It also had to engage regional media in the issues.

The report needed to distill two years of intensive research and analysis involving over 100 organizations across the nine-county Bay Area into a concise, accessible argument for action. It also needed to reflect the viewpoints of stakeholders from about 30 organizations.

What we did

  • Thinkshift developed a fledgling idea into a full creative concept and storyline for the report, titled Golden Lands, Golden Opportunity.
  • We refined the messaging and identified content needed to make the case that saving Bay Area open spaces, parks, and agricultural lands will benefit the entire state and is essential to maintaining the region’s social and economic vitality.
  • We wrote most of the copy and worked with the project team to incorporate feedback from a wide range of reviewers.

How it workedGoldenLands cover

  • The San Francisco Chronicle’s Sunday editorial praised it, saying, “The case for a regional approach to land use has rarely been spelled out so eloquently.” An editorial in the San Jose Mercury News supported the report’s goals as well.
  • The Chronicle used the report as the basis for a news article, “Report Urges Preserving Bay Area Outdoors,” as did publications across the region.
  • Stakeholder organizations used the report for years.

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