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Reasons to be thankful despite dark days ahead

Carolyn McMaster | November 23, 2016

The U.S. presidential election has shocked me to my core.

I’ve tried to resist the urge to write about it, but I can’t. It seems that everything I work for and hold dear—environmental and social justice, stopping climate change, health care and civil rights for all—is under attack. It seems very likely that the work of many years could be undone.

Even so, on the eve of Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday, I have much to be thankful for. These are the things that make life grand, and that will help get me, and Thinkshift, through the next four years.

Sustainable business
The sustainable business community is a source of strength and reassurance. Organizations like the American Sustainable Business Council, an association that promotes action at the state and federal levels, will be important in maintaining momentum through the coming years. Other important organizations include Clean Edge, Sustainable Brands and GreenBiz, which spread news and produce events that build the susty community.

B Corporations
B Corporations are a driving force for sustainable business. There are now almost 2,000 Certified B Corps around the world. There were just over 300 when Thinkshift was certified six years ago. I’m amazed and inspired by B Corps almost every day, and I know they’ll continue to inspire me and countless others.

The state of California
The state of California deserves thanks for being in the vanguard of environmental and social progress for many years. (I’d feel this way even if I didn’t live here.) I trust the state will continue to lead and inspire others to action, even if the EPA is gutted and the Trump regime throws people out and bans them because of their religion or ethnic origin.

The Thinkshift team
I’m grateful for the writers, PR pros, designers, web developers, editors and business consultants who help us power our clients’ success.

Thinkshift clients
I’m thankful for our clients. They make the world better every day in all kinds of ways. Fish 2.0 and SeaWeb are building a supportive ecosystem for sustainable seafood. Optimum Energy helps the biggest consumers of energy, commercial buildings, use a lot less of it. The California Natural Gas Vehicle Coalition is building alliances with the environmental justice community in the fight for clean air and less petroleum use. Our newest client, Energy + Environmental Economics, has (among other things) helped California be an energy leader with decisions based on sound analysis and science. Opticos Design builds vibrant, walkable neighborhoods. RSF Social Finance is addressing systemic issues in food and agriculture and other important areas, and is changing the way people work with money.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all. You’re why Thinkshift exists. I know you will be at our side as we work for the best.


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