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Pitching technology? Keep the customer in the spotlight

Carolyn McMaster | March 12, 2015

We just finished up a case study for a cleantech client that’s told largely in the customer’s voice. It reminded me of an old truism: People like to read about people. (It’s been said a zillion times, yet it bears repeating.)

Keeping people front and center in your communications makes your company come alive and encourages others to consider you, buy from you and stay with you.

The customer perspective connects to others in ways hard data and information don’t. It makes people think, “If this person likes it, I may too.” Testimonials from satisfied customers—with quotes that don’t sound canned—also make that kind of human connection.

Customer voices are especially effective in conveying the benefits of new technologies and approaches, which face a high skepticism barrier. To return to the opening example, our client Powerit Solutions uses robust customer stories as a core tool in selling its advanced energy management technology. The latest story is both engaging and convincing largely because the client explains how the technology works and details the business results in his own words.

Giving staff and executives a voice in your content—and permission to speak like humans, not robots—is also a way to put people in the picture (and it’s essential for successful social media outreach). Provocative thought pieces; apt quotes in articles, press releases and on your website; and Q&As in your newsletter or sales kit can help form bonds with your audience. Executive messages crafted by committee or written by staff without executive input won’t cut it.

For more on how content can resonate, see our Strategy>Shift guide, 9 Ways to Make a Powerful Impression.


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