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New client Optimum Energy helps enterprises save energy, water, money

Thinkshift | January 26, 2016

We’re excited to welcome Seattle-based Optimum Energy to our client roster. The company’s OptiCx™ software platform reduces energy use in heating and cooling systems (the largest consumer of energy in buildings) by up to 50 percent. It also reduces water use—a big deal to those of us in the drought-ridden West. The end result: customers save money and meet sustainability goals, so we all benefit.

Optimum Energy serves customers with facilities and campuses in the higher education, healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors, along with data centers and commercial buildings. It may be one of the best energy efficiency companies you’ve never heard of—and we’re going to change that. (The unheard-of part, that is.)

We’re working with the Optimum sales and marketing team to create and implement PR and thought leadership programs that raise the company’s brand profile, reach new audiences, heighten awareness of their technology and spread their insights on smart buildings. We think their platform can make a real difference, and we’re happy to put our energy management savvy to work for them.

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