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Multichannel campaign brings new clients to susty bank

Thinkshift | June 9, 2015


  • TV, radio and print coverage
  • Bank clients were inspired to make referrals
  • A record number of new accounts

With the Occupy movement focusing the nation’s ire at big banks and the emergence of the grassroots Bank Transfer Day movement, Thinkshift turned on a dime (actually, one week) to create a multichannel campaign that helped  New Resource Bank take advantage of a news-driven opportunity to promote its sustainability mission and customer-friendly approach to a receptive audience. The national movement, inspired by the big banks’ plans to charge fees for debit card purchases, encouraged people to get their money out of big banks by Nov. 5, 2012.

What we did

  • The Thinkshift team developed a tightly integrated cross-media/multichannel campaign designed to spur new accounts and raise New Resource’s visibility. Time from initial discussion to launch: five business days.
  • We developed campaign elements for all the bank’s channels, including a Move Your Money web page; an email blast seeking referrals from existing customers; a postcard; blog, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn posts; and messages on the screens in the bank’s windows.
  • We did a PR blitz to TV news programs, radio stations and newspapers in the bank’s regional market.

How it worked

  • Record numbers of new clients opened New Resource accounts in November.
  • For a full five weeks after the launch, the Move Your Money landing page was the fifth most-popular page on the bank’s website. The site’s top pages also experienced a huge jump in visitors during the campaign, with an increase of as much as 130 percent compared with a comparable five weeks.
  • Bank executives did multiple TV and radio interviews, the San Francisco Business Times ran a story, and Fast Company covered the campaign.

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