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Messaging, PR position Powerit Solutions as a leader

Thinkshift | June 8, 2015


  • Effective, on-target messaging has staying power
  • Content positions Powerit advantageously
  • Frequent placements in relevant media

Powerit Solutions links commercial and industrial businesses with the smart grid so customers can control energy use for savings and sustainability—without compromising production or quality. When the Seattle-based cleantech company came to Thinkshift, it had a proven technology for an underserved market, but was flying under the radar and struggling to position its product effectively.

“Corporate messaging exercises usually take way too long and consume all the participants in lengthy back-and-forths. When Thinkshift led the exercise, they came back with concise and spot-on messaging that got to the heart of who Powerit is and what we stand for,” says Powerit CEO Kevin Klustner. “I’ve never participated in a messaging exercise that was so accurate, efficient and expansive. Almost three years later, we still hold the values and messaging that came out of the Thinkshift exercise as core to Powerit’s vision and brand.”

Overall, Klustner says, “The team at Thinkshift understands our market, and adds terrific perspective on how to best position Powerit in that market. They also have a unique capability to take sometimes limited input and turn it into thoughtful and insightful content.”

What we did

  • Thinkshift developed a product messaging platform customized for vertical market segments, followed by a platform for corporate vision and messaging.
  • We created and executed a two-pronged PR strategy: outreach to trade media in key markets to support sales, and pitches to influential cleantech reporters to build awareness of Powerit’s technology among potential partners and investors.
  • To support sales and PR efforts, we revamped the company’s case study program and, later, its website content and information architecture.
  • We worked with the CEO and other executives to build a thought leadership position through blog content and contributed articles.

How it worked

  • Corporate messaging helped align the business team following a strategic shift, positioned the company effectively, and enabled the CEO, product marketing vice president and others to communicate clearly about the company’s technology, value and vision.
  • PR work generated 145 placements in targeted media over 4.5 years (excluding wire placements and automatic pickups) and regular mentions in lists of leaders in the field.
  • Blog posts and articles helped the company influence perceptions of its technology, demonstrate its value to partners and customers, and position the company as a leader.

Thinkshift came back with concise and spot-on messaging that got to the heart of who Powerit is and what we stand for.” —Kevin Klustner, CEO, Powerit Solutions


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