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Introducing our newest client: 50in10

Carolyn McMaster | June 29, 2015

We pleased and proud to be working with the nonprofit 50in10, a feisty startup based in Washington, D.C., that wants to make fisheries the sustainability success story of the 21st century.

50in10 is a public-private network that takes a whole-system approach to restoring ocean fisheries. It believes that by addressing issues at every point in a fishery system—fishers and their communities, markets and the supply chain, financing and investors, governments and policy, environmentalists and the ocean ecosystem—we can ensure rapid and lasting fishery recovery with widespread benefits. 50in10 facilitates learning, information sharing and project development among network members, and promotes successful prototypes. The goal is for each member project to result in a fishery that serves community needs and is environmentally and financially self-sustaining.

Thinkshift is working with 50in10 to tell its story and communicate its activities and successes to myriad stakeholders, including the organization’s worldwide network of funders, fisheries, governments and environmental organizations.

50in10 is our second client in the sustainability seafood arena. Our first, Fish 2.0, is a global business competition that connects sustainable fishing and aquaculture businesses with potential investors.

We’re excited to be working in this field for a number of reasons, best articulated by our clients. As Monica Jain of Fish 2.0 put it in her National Geographic blog: “About 70 percent of the world’s fisheries are fully exploited, overexploited or have already suffered a collapse under the pressure of a $390 billion global seafood market. Yet analysts expect seafood demand to double by 2050, and island and coastal communities around the world depend on seafood for both sustenance and economic health.” As 50in10 notes, “The world’s fisheries still have the capacity to rebound.… The time is now to come together and find faster, more creative, and more widespread solutions.”

Plus, we love fish.


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