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Hub Seeks to Spur Sustainable Enterprises

Sandra Stewart | March 28, 2010

We’re looking forward to joining Hub Bay Area with the May 1 opening of its new San Francisco space—8,600 square feet in the Chronicle building, encompassing offices, coworking spaces, meeting rooms, event spaces, and an art gallery.

Hub Bay Area is part of a loose organization of Hubs around the world designed to provide people who are working on or with sustainability-related enterprises (or “social innovators” in Hub parlance) with work spaces and access to mentors, partners, resources, and inspiration.

As the Hub site puts it: “We need new models that blend social and environmental value with economic viability. The system is broken. Together we can build a better alternative. When faced with a task of this magnitude, why not assemble great talent into a common space?”

We’re intrigued by what could come out of this community, and urge all you locals to check it out.

  1. What a great resource!


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