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9 ways to make a powerful impression

Thinkshift | March 6, 2013

Say you’ve got the basics down—your communications are clear, meaningful and on message. What else can you do to be heard amid the cloud of babble?

We have some ideas—nine favorites, to be precise, detailed in our freshly updated 9 Ways to Make a Powerful Impression Strategy>Shift guide. We put these methods to work every day for our clients, and the guide includes examples of successes from our portfolio and beyond.

The guide—it’s a quick read, we promise—provides a concise description of each approach, along with why you should try it and tips for doing it well. Check it out and consider whether it might be time for you to take a stand, hit a nerve, sell your dream or try some other profile-boosting strategy.

Not all these approaches are appropriate for every occasion or enterprise, but we hope you’ll try something out of your comfort zone. Strategies that challenge you to think differently often have the greatest potential for making your communications more powerful.

Download it now. Then let us know what you think, and if you have any tips of your own or results to share.


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