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12 months of B Corp blogging

Sandra Stewart | October 2, 2013

Most businesses understand the value of an active blog. It helps customers get to know you. It’s a way to show you’re a sharp thinker with a finger on the pulse of your industry. And it boosts your presence on the web. For many businesses, though, feeding a blog is a challenge.

That’s why we created 12 Months of B Corp Blogging, a year’s worth of ideas—with examples that show each one in action—for B Corps of all types and sizes. Not a B Corp? Substitute “sustainable business” for “B Corp” as you read and you’ll get a few ideas. Here’s a sampling (the report includes example posts):

Blog 3: Working for a B Corp
Tap an employee to write about what it means to them to work for a B Corp. Why did they choose you? Do they feel more involved and inspired at work? Does it help them get dates?

Blog 5: The change you seek
B Corps are in the vanguard of a movement to redefine success in business and use the power of business for social and environmental good—our mantra is “B the change.” Write about the change you seek in your business and your community, and what you’re doing about it. (Tip: draw on that section of your B Corp profile.) What are you doing in your community to promote positive change? How are you B’ing better?

Blog 7: A practice you changed or adopted as part of being a B
Most B Corps find that the B Impact Assessment reveals at least a thing or two they could do to operate more sustainably. Pick one of those things, and talk about what you changed, why it was important, how you managed the change and what the result was. If you created a new policy, you could simply summarize and share it as an example for others.

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