Our story starts with cocktails & leads to a revolution

Thinkshift® Communications is a team of strategists, thinkers, writers and campaigners inspired by the power of business to address pressing social and environmental problems.

icon-cocktailWe started our firm the classic way: over cocktails, on a napkin. That adventurous “why not?” spirit continues to animate our work as storytellers who will bring the heart of your brand to life. We’re creative and analytical, with a history of delivering real business benefits.

Whether we’re developing a thought leadership strategy, brand messaging platform or media relations campaign, we believe sustainability needs to be sexy. Not underwear-model sexy, but cool, fun, irresistible.

It’s also why we’re a Certified B Corporation and part of a global movement to get sustainability out of the good-for-you ghetto and speed the shift to sustainable business.

We believe sustainability needs to be sexy: cool, fun, irresistible.

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