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A strategic blogging plan we can drink to

Carolyn McMaster | December 10, 2014

It’s that time of year: planning season, of course. Hopefully, the hard parts are over. Budgets are set. Programs analyzed. New initiatives beckoning. You’re ready for Champagne.

But wait. … Blogs sometimes get short shrift in the planning department. So, in the spirit of the season, here’s how you can make planning easier and give your blog a solid strategic foundation: create a one-page business plan. (Yes, a business plan!)

The plan should answer these questions:

  1. What business and marketing goals will your blog support?
  2. Who’s your audience? What are their interests? How can you be helpful to them?
  3. What’s your blog about? Do you want to showcase high-level thinking? Provide helpful tips? Illuminate brand culture?
  4. What subjects should you write about? What topic mix? (Pay attention to your answers for questions 2 and 3.)
  5. What’s the level of content (nitty-gritty, big picture, etc.)?
  6. What’s your blog’s voice?
  7. Who’s in charge? Who will contribute?
  8. How will you attract readers?
  9. How will you measure success?

Why bother when it’s so much more fun to jump into brainstorming content ideas? Because a blog without a plan is a blog without a future. Without a roadmap for long-haul development, a blog will never be an effective strategic tool. Plus, a thoughtful strategy development process will help generate enthusiasm and create a platform for ongoing progress.

Happy planning! Now you can pop that bottle of Champagne. Here’s to a great 2015 for everyone.

We’ve got more about how to ensure blogging brings value to your business in our Strategy>Shift guide, 5 Steps to a High-Powered Blog.


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