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Brand story & messaging

A strong brand story and messaging platform serve as touchstones for business decisions, position you advantageously in your market, attract the right people to your team and boost your valuation. With Thinkshift’s brand communications:

  • Stories connect. Customers, employees and partners connect with your brand on an emotional level.
  • Messages stick. They’re distinctive, simple, concrete—in a word, memorable.
  • Positioning opens doors. You stand out in the marketplace and the value you create is crystal clear.

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Client profiles: New Resource Bank | Sustainable Stanford

Thought leadership

Showcasing and promoting your big-picture thinking, expertise and leadership builds your brand and puts your people in the limelight. We ensure these elements of success:

  • Content matters. You deliver genuine insights, move conversations forward and strike a chord with key audiences.
  • Presentation impresses. You look and sound as smart as you are.
  • Impact builds. All your content works together across channels to reach the right people and make an impression.

Client profiles: Powerit Solutions | RoseRyan | RSF Social Finance

Content marketing

Every organization has content to share—we unlock its value to improve your market position, amplify your brand, support sales and more. With our approach:

  • Topics resonate. Content appeals to audience interests and reaches people in an optimal format.
  • Content spreads. Your content is distributed through the channels that will reach your audience.
  • Your brand thrives. Content reflects your personality and enhances your brand story.

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Media relations

We nurture relationships with editors and writers at the publications your audiences read and tap established relationships with sustainable business and cleantech media. We generate media coverage by making sure:

  • Pitches get noticed. We shape story lines and approaches to gain maximum media appeal.
  • Experts shine. We position your executives as expert resources and coach them for success.
  • Articles add value. We develop and place articles by your experts that advance business goals.

Client profiles: Powerit Solutions | RSF Social Finance

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