Thinkshift aims for sustainability and ties marketing communications strategy to key business goals.


Messaging & branding

Messaging helps you communicate what you’re all about and why it matters in a way that’s clear and compelling to the people you want to reach. Thinkshift will work with you to hone in on your core message and essential supporting messages, and then create a handbook that shows your entire staff how to deliver those messages consistently and persuasively. We can also provide launch and training guidelines that help you make sure everyone in your organization is comfortable with the messaging and actually uses it.

We can develop messaging platforms for your company, for products and services, and for stand-alone campaigns. We’ll also distill messaging into catchy taglines and product, service and company names, as well as visual branding that captures your persona.

Communications strategy

Can you really afford to waste time and money throwing communications spaghetti at the wall until something sticks? Thinkshift can help you develop a smart and sustainable marketing communications strategy. We’ll determine the tactics most likely to engage your target audiences and design a program tailored to your budget, staff time and skills, and follow-through capabilities. We build in measurement and evaluation, so that you can adjust the strategy as you go to do more of what’s working and less of what’s not.

The Thinkshift Credibility Quotient™

The CQ, as we call it in-house, is a standards-based rating tool that gives clients a way to assess the credibility of their communications using quantitative and qualitative measures. Our CQ reports detail strengths and weaknesses related to 10 communications factors, revealing opportunities and providing a road map for boosting credibility. To find out more, see our information sheets for businesses and nonprofits.

Content strategy & development

Developing substantive, engaging content in our clients’ brand voice is one of our sweet spots. We can create strategy and content for one-time and ongoing communications, including websites, reports, articles, newsletters, email programs, campaigns, fact sheets, blogs—wherever it’s needed. We also design and produce these communication tools, with a possibly demented attention to detail.

Thought leadership

An ongoing thought leadership program that showcases your expertise and delivers valuable information to target audiences can be a highly effective marketing strategy. We help clients develop topics targeted to audience interests, decide on the right formats (reports, tip sheets, guest articles, and so on), and distribute thought leadership through multiple channels. We can also ghostwrite just about anything, in the company brand voice or your CEO’s voice. (Side benefit: all this work extracts the knowledge locked inside your experts’ heads so everyone can use it.)

Media relations

Thinkshift can evaluate your potential for media coverage; develop a targeted media list; craft appealing pitches; write press releases, bylined articles and opinion pieces; take your story to reporters and editors; develop media relationships that keep on giving; and advise on ongoing PR opportunities. We’ve been called “incredibly persistent,” and we like to think charmingly so.

Social media consulting

We monitor the emergence, growth and utility of the social media channels du jour so you don’t have to. We’ll let you know which channels are the best fit for your organization’s business goals, content, and target audiences, and determine how a social media program can build on and enhance your marketing efforts in other channels. Then we’ll help you dive in (or just ease in) with a step-by-step plan that defines policy and guidelines, sets results goals, and builds in measurement and evaluation. We can train your staff on using the tools and writing good posts, and we can write your corporate posts.

Marketing Bootcamp

Poised for growth and not sure which marketing strategies and tactics will help? Need to kick-start your marketing but can’t find the time or resources?

If you’re nodding “yes,” Thinkshift’s Marketing Bootcamp can whip your marketing into shape. The program, designed for marketers at a small companies or startups that operate sustainably or provide green products or services, gives participants insight into what will work best for their business and budget, a marketing plan, peer feedback and professional consulting on a particular challenge. Topics covered in six customized group sessions include marketing a green business, branding and messaging, websites, social media, content marketing, supporting sales and public relations. For details, see the brochure for the upcoming session.

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